Monday, October 27, 2008

Free Uni Wi-Fi threathened

Embedded serial-to-Wi-Fi moduleImage via WikipediaShe pointed to recent research by German online traffic management company iPoque that found 57 per cent of all Australian internet traffic was generated by peer-to-peer networks, which contain mainly pirated content.

 The article points to a worrying trend that the University of NSW is prepared to go public about in this article. Firstly, the free wi-fi which would be provided for reasons of equity is being used for illegal downloads, for games and music downloads and for things which are not related to study. So our uni students don't have their priorities right. It's about what they can get away with. There are some heavy penalties described in the article but I can imagine our uni students just chucking a wobbly and saying, oh well, I just won't study then. That's how crooked the thinking is. Then there will be the argument they cannot get their work done because the internet access is cut off. It's interesting there are internatinal statisitics here and it is making us look like self serving fools. The law is for eeveryone else but not me. We shall pay a high price for this time of thinking and it's unfortunate to see the lengths to which we will go to avoid study.
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