Sunday, October 19, 2008

Drug Dealer Resentenced

"When detectives searched his mother's house they found a huge quantity of drugs – consisting of 8840g of methylamphetamine, 7113 ecstasy tablets, 8347 LSD tabs, 11kg of cannabis and 422g of cocaine – with a street value of $1.2 million.
They also found $246,550 in cash, a semi-automatic pistol and a revolver."

Our DPP had made an appeal which was subsequently upheld. Sorry, but when you are dealing with people like this who are clearly so prepared to deal so much death and misery to people, then I don't think you deal with them, you deal to them. Drugs make a lot of money so they will do whatever it takes to get back to dealing...and then of course there is the significant problem that once they are in the group , they cannot get out. That is something we haven't managed to resolve at this point. I know, taking one off the street will hardly make a dent, but it's the intention and then maybe we do have to do it one at a time for a long time...and we could make good use of our facilities at Baxter and elsewhere to try and break this whole drug thing down. We have to work as a team and keep very clear in our minds what we want to achieve. I am sick and tired of hearing angry , loud, aggressive people screaming out at the Grote Street end of town scaring the living daylights out of everyone...but they will be screaming agony in a few months time and it is so cruel all round.

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