Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Does retail therapy work??

I know image is everything, but we are in the middle of a financial meltdown and people are hitting the wall. I cannot imagine it would go down well that Sarah Palin has spent nearly a quarter of a million dollars on making herself over, even if the things are likely to go to charity afterwards. If the Americans need Sarah Palin to be done over in order to give her a chance then I think they have been done over. Okay, so people have contributed to Republican coffers for the campaign. Do they actually expect that money to be spent on frippery? Maybe they do. Maybe we have become so vain we won't look into the contents unless the packaging looks good. Shiny! I look forward to the day where we have campaigns which run on substance and content. Women of substance are really something we could all do with. Where are they? We used to have them. That said, I have to confess this has been an interesting election. With Mr. Obama rightfully taking time out to visit his ailing Grandma and Sarah Palin spotlighted for doing the sterotypical thing of breaking the bank balance with retail therapy, you just never know what is going to turn up this election. Two weeks!

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