Monday, October 13, 2008

Digital TV Deadlines

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The digital switchover was slowed down because there was quite an outcry. We were not ready for it and had no intention of giving up relatively new a analogue sets which were still being sold at a sizeable price. The deadlines will be set next week. The legislation has to go through parliament and then it will start in Mildura from mid 1010, so there is plenty of time for us to get our act together. The switch over will be completed in 2013 and even as late as 2014. We do need to do it but last time the timing was poor. You cannot get people to buy equipment and then render it useless or expect them to buy extras. At this stage I pick up digital TV with a set top box  on the main TV and on my laptop with a USB tuner and I am more than happy with both approaches. We also have a small digital TV. It  hasn’t been that hard or expensive doing it that way but I wish they would streamline all of this instead of us having to get plug ins and bits and pieces. Not everyone has the cash for a big , expensive digital TV but I think most Australian homes would have one by now. I’d be interested in the sales figures and the percentages. Digital TV is far superior and far more flexible, so we have to go down that path. Taking it slowly and trouble shooting along the way is a very sound approach.

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