Friday, October 24, 2008

Cybersex a success with oldies

The Robotic Operating Buddy that came packaged...Image via Wikipedia"That old stereotype that you get to a certain age and you don't want to do it any more is not true," she said.
This article about sociologist Sue Malta's research is utterly fascinating. Not only are the oldies techno savvy they are having some liberating and life changing relationships. Her study group is 60-92 years of age. I have been saying for ages that software and games companies ought to be looking at more and varied applications to suit older people because they are getting right into technology and are being held back by lack of choices and a market which thinks narrow focus applications are what it is about. We are held back technologically by inflexible thinking in terms of what games consoles ,gadgets  can do. The is a whole world of oldies out there waiting for you to wake up. These guys know how to use technology to improve their lives and bring happiness and they are a busy lot!

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