Thursday, October 23, 2008

Cold Call Comfort

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"The most common scam tries to get the receiver to call a premium rate phone line while another - known as vishing or voice phishing - tries to collect personal information over the phone."
After everything this article highlights about the TrueCall device it says at the end there are legal issues to be addressed before it can be used!! So we, the unsuspecting public can be scammed, damned, sucked in and generally ripped off but not have access to a device which would put paid to that? The world is mad. The innocent are not protected and trying to be a normal citizen means you have to be covering your back all the time and then still be the one to say...oh yes, I was stupid. The world is set up to make suckers of us. A good one here is stuff being downloaded onto your mobile phone from a telco which you then have to unsubscribe to if you can find out how. So they charge you while you are using unsolicited apps !!! We are such mugs these days.

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