Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Climate Change Affects Great Barrier Reef

The Great Barrier Reef lies off the coast of Q...Image via Wikipedia
"On the Swain Reefs, in the southern reef, the number of brown booby nests has dropped from 350 in 1975 to less than 30 since 2000."
The Great Barrier Reef is home to about half the world's species of water birds and the report is alarming. Thre are so many birds which are now severely affected and there is no sign that the numbers are picking up or changing. The contrary in fact. The warmer top waters force the food the birds eat further down into the ocean.  This , coupled with the lists today of threatened species across the planet is painting a sad picture of what we have done to our world. We don't seem to be inclined to move very quickly on this and there are all sorts of excuses for not doing so. We have been very destructive as a generation because it is all going into decline in our stay on the planet. So many of our native species are now threatened and we do not seem overly concerned about it. Not enough to make some dramatic changes to allow our planet thrive again.Lots of pigeons and weeds are on the horizon.
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