Friday, October 10, 2008

Canada hates Him

The Aussie tourist bitten by a bear which was subsequently shot, is quoted to have said: "Canada hates me" and that would about sum it up for an Australian. He wouldn't have wanted the bear shot. We hate killing native animals and he's grown up on  a farm and knows how animals are. I feel sorry for him. Of course the Canadians are angry the bear has been shot. We'd be angry if they killed a koala for hurting a tourist. Our nation gets us to report things though.. There are not many of us and we  have to pick up the patterns quickly so we can do risk evaluations, so if something hurts someone, we'd be telling somebody in authority so other people wouldn't be in danger or at risk. Like when the koala was in our street last summer, we rang the national parks, the vet, the RSPCA. We made sure we knew what to do and then we called on each other to make sure we all knew so children and pets were included in the care picture. I feel sorry for this guy. I hope Canada will for give him because the bear was shot when it came back into Whistler and the Canadian authorities took that decision.

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