Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Monstrous Mother Drink

Caffeine has a significant effect on spiders, ...Image via Wikipedia
It advertises itself as a"a mother of a taurine, caffeine and guarana hit." The only bull in this is what is on the can and in it. A can of  MOTHER (complete with Gothic lettering) delivers 160mg of caffeine and is best drunk "freeze your nuts off cold." It gets better. "So now, when a mate turns up with a wussy-sized can, you can raise your MOTHER up and say 'did yours come with a man-bag?'" It does print a logical and routine worded warning and it ought to have stopped there, but no. "Warning! High caffeine content...ok, we know that's why you are drinking it but our lame legal guys made us warn you not to feed this to kids,up the duff women or the weak who just can't tolerate it."
Up the duff women??? Who talks like that? What age group and background? Come on, we have been doing all this stuff about image and the image of women...but what does it say about men that they need to be fed this bull to buy a caffeine saturated drink?  Man bags...up the duff women...freeze you nuts off. It's laughable. Soft drink for soft heads.
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