Saturday, October 18, 2008

Britt Lapthorne

The Lapthorne family have had yet another tough week but I hope they are heartened by the fact that people are still trying to piece the story together and find more leads. The newspapers have been more supportive of the trauma the family is going through and articles are written to provide some hope and help. The Lapthornes know so little about the brutal death of their daughter, which has been judged to be non violent, and it must be a heart breaking agony for them to carry. The father and brother are going to stay on to see what else they can find out and the police are still trying to find clues and evidence. At least now they are leaving no stone unturned. You see, it could be your daughter, or my daughter. The Lapthornes represent us all because we often have children overseas. By  showing solidarity and showing some support we are buffering them from something they cannot be buffered from... we are there and we are thinking of them.

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