Monday, October 13, 2008

Boosting Bank Deposits

Kevin Rudd (right) and Julia Gillard (left) at...Image via WikipediaKevin Rudd at least listened to the outcry last week when he was only going to underwrite deposits to 20,000 dollars. That was never going to succeed nor make a difference. To now boost all the bank deposits has made a difference. It is making peole feel safer and it is helping us to stay optimisitic. That Malcolm Turnbull wants to work with the Government in helping stabilise Australia's financial position is good too. We need to be helping each other and we need to be told what we can do to help. We need recommendations and guidelines because we will do it. It has become claear that risky decisions have been made to get quick profit and qucik riches. That approach to finance has blown out world wide and we need to look at the safer options. We have come to realise that global financial stabiltity is very important to everyone. Without it there is mayhem, panic, a lot of personal pain and then a bleak outlook which doesn't help anyone to think their way out of it. Good move.
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