Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Beauty disavantaged welcomed in Mt. Isa

Mt Isa locator-MJCImage via WikipediaThe mayor of Mt Iza has had a lot of worldwide interest in his comments about beauty disavantaged women being welcome in Mt. Isa because of the gender imbalance. We have had more than one story like this from around the world and in this day and age of connectivity and easy travel, well, why shouldn't we take advantage of our technology to solve some of our social problems in a nice way? There is now nothing to stop towns and areas from recruiting people that they need to keep themselves viable. Mt. Isa is one of our oldest towns with a long history and a feel of its own. Maybe they need an internet site to mix and match. It seems to me we have a number of people who cannot find partners because the world has changed. The internet is one way of redressing those imbalances and could stop people form being lonely and isolated.That the mayor has been advocating for his people is a good thing.

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