Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Australians escaping Australia

Locator map for AustraliaImage via WikipediaOver 75,000 people left Australia last year, with the biggest numbers going to NZ and UK and then US, Hong Kong and Singapore. It's hard to know why but the comments on the article tend to suggest it is work and study opportunities, housing and lifestyle which are taking people out of the country. It is bound to be complex and you cannot just take these figures on face value. Australians have always gone overseas to work and live because it's the way to broaden their horizons and knowledge. It makes them realise what possibilities there are. It would be interesting to know if the percentage leaving is the same because we have a bigger population now. I don't think they can do it to escape the HECS debt form their tertiary studies. I believe that has been stopped. Some students don't' actually realise what the HECS debt means and so it would come as a shock to be in that much debt at the end of a course of study.The job market is hard because a well credentialled graduate is put into the same bowl as someone who has had part time casual work and those who have a lot of industry experience trying to get the same position. Work experience is considered to be more important than learning and knowledge so graduates are not encouraged and mentored into the job market as they were before and trying to get an interview from a selection of 60 or more applicants at a mass interview is not very productive or encouraging ...so yes, I can well see why the brains would be leaving us to get a better go elsewhere.

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