Saturday, October 11, 2008

Adelaide Alive!

Adelaide was so alive yesterday.It was fun, vibrant and packed! The city was packed and humming and the train was completely full and full on when I was going home. Everyone was happy, chatty and positive. The sunshine had a lot to do with it, I think. We have been fed up with the freezing cold. That is definitely not us. So yesterday we could wear our T Shirts and lovely summer clothes and we were all happy. The Mall had some great buskers but there was also a tent where they were promoting the Limestone Coast. And why not? Our Limestone Coast offers great views , nice places to stay and great regional produce. There was some lovely music and refreshments. Everyone was just enjoying it all. The outside cafe areas were busy and just that bit of sunshine and warmth made all the difference to us. Even if we had to stand in queues, which is unusual, we were chatting away until it was our turn. The best news is everyone was eating tuna salads,fresh yoghurt, noodles and vegies, drinking water and Boost Juice was packed with people at every outlet . They were more than happy to wait in a line until they could get served. This is fantastic news!! The service everywhere was great and I came home thinking , wow, that was great today.

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