Sunday, July 01, 2007

Zoo program beats spider phobias

Zoo program beats spider phobias : "After moving to Australia five years ago, Ford was so unprepared for the supersized eight-legged locals that she once had to be carried bodily out of a work tearoom by her boss after the sight of a huntsman on the wall had her rooted to the spot in fear."
Warrick Angus, who runs the Fearless at Taronga programme has overcome his fear of spiders himself, so he knows what he is talking about. It's a terrible fear. Been there , done that. It took having a baby to cure me of it. I was determined she would not be crippled like me as she grew up. I had a great laugh with a long time friend of mine when I reminded her of the day I rang her in total terror and panic to tell her I couldn't come and visit because there was a huntsman in my entrance way where my car keys were. Now I can laugh but I was in total terror that day and it's embarrassing to think about it...and funny, but it was anything but funny how I could be so paralysed. I couldn't work where they were. I couldn't sleep if they were in the house. I took a whole day to get rid of the thing and it was this paroxysm of extreme pain and fear which I had to conquer to get my "plan" so I could rid my house of such a monstrosity. I still won't have an 8 legged thing in my home , hairy or not, but I can deal with them. My Mum passed her fear onto my daughter when she babysat but I had a chance to correct that. It is so important as a parent not to let the vicious circle continue. I had to work really, really hard at it, but having the motivation as a mother was what helped me and I did have to desensitise myself. I think this course is a fantastic idea because you feel so immobilised and powerless...all because of a stupid spider.If you want to read the whole article...there were no pictures there when I read it.

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