Monday, July 02, 2007

Welfare penalty for 'bad' parents

Welfare penalty for 'bad' parents : "But there is a key difference. Under the national plan, only 'bad' parents will have their payments quarantined, whereas the NT welfare measures will apply to all Aboriginal parents in a targeted community, regardless of their abilities."

Bit unreasonable. I know no one is listening. Parents do need to be held accountable for the government payments. No use claiming a full time student if your student is with mates and shopping or at home gaming. If money paid to parents isn't used for the welfare of their children , then they don't need to have it. It is not income. It's a family payment to help pay for clothes, food and expenses for that child...who is supposed to be at school. Lots seem to be shopping and swanning around. I think kids need to be at school. If a targeted aboriginal community has all payments stopped then it's not right. Given it will probably go ahead anyway then there needs to be an audit and those parents doing the right thing need to be reinstated to their entitlements pretty quickly because it'll demonstrate the system is fare and just. I'd hate to see it stopped and then the bureaucracy can't reestablish the family payments because it's a cumbersome bureaucracy. That's help no one and it'll look worse than it does now.

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