Monday, July 02, 2007

Richest earn 10 times more

AdelaideNow... Richest earn 10 times more: "'Research shows the gap between rich and poor is widening because higher income tax cuts help those with good earning capacity but do nothing for people on government welfare,' University of SA sociologist Elspeth McInnes said."

That's a nice tidy number, the rich being 10 times richer than the poor. An economy doesn't have to be a business model but we do constantly consider tax cuts and adjustments for high income earners and you do have to have a certain level of income to benefit from the tax changes made. It's about profit productivity, and shareholders. The rich and comfortable are hardly going to bother about someone else getting poorer, but unless you print money, there is only a certain amount to go around. The rich are richer because the money is taken away ,by various systems, from others.There is a lot more casual and part time work. Work loads have increased because the number of workers has been cut. Was it Dilbert who said the harder I work the more you earn?

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