Sunday, July 01, 2007

'Mail' recovers road spikes

AdelaideNow... 'Mail' recovers road spikes: "'Mate, if you don't want them I can sell them to someone else who will use them for who knows what,' the man said. 'I've already thought about using them to stop an armoured car.'"
One of the reasons I like living in Adelaide is when we really need to rally, we do. I blogged about these spikes on June 15th because the police were being criticised for leaving them behind. In a real world, we would all be impeccably perfect. The police have had a very busy time of it lately. That kind of forgetfulness is police under pressure in my opinion. Our police are very methodical. So, the road spikes were missing and someone knew. Well, the someone wanted to do a deal but not with the police. Our Sunday Mail newspaper became the go between mediators and negotiators. That's pretty fantastic because they seem to have done that so that everyone is okay and intact ...and the spikes are right where they belong. Our police have as much faith in us as we have in them and it's that kind of community-police relationship that I like. It keeps us all secure.

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