Monday, July 09, 2007

Car chase...again...

Chase driver rams police cars: "The second police car continued pursuing the stolen car to Adam Street, Burnley, when its driver reversed into the front of the police car and sped off again."

Not again!! They are still trying to find this driver but it's a matter of time I suspect. I cannot believe how many of these mad drivers actually bang into police cars! I hope they are paying for the repair costs when they are caught. It's not cheap repairing cars. So who is paying for it? I'm also thinking these mad drivers need to be trained in crash repairs because that is how they could repay their debt of crazy driving. It doesn't actually say why they were chasing the driver. Did we establish if it's a good idea for police to give chase? Do they catch them? Does it put more speeding cars on the road? Have they got enough cars to be able to let other police cars know where crazy drivers are rather than give chase themselves?

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