Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Broadband Bungling

South 'in broadband pain': "'We've received letters and emails from families and small businesses in the area which showed they are dissatisfied with the current service and need a greater network to run their business,' he said."

Indeed. We do seem to have had quite an implementation dip with broadband access South of Adelaide. The pockets where it cannot be accessed are feeling very agitated and rightly so. I can get ADSL but my sister, 5 minutes away by car has had to get a cable broadband connection. Dial Up really doesn't cut it any longer unless you just want to do emails. The pockets where it doesn't work are quite odd and the people are being disadvantaged because the article is right, it's affecting professionals, businesses and students. It's really quite silly and there needs to be a prompt solution because the South has a large population and it's a fast growing area. It's also a tourist area so not having proper broadband access is really rather behind the times. Same with mobile connection. I was caught in a fire in Clarendon a while back and couldn't use my mobile to call home because there was no mobile access where I was...Is this 2007 in Australia?

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