Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Funding cut to Savation Army?

AdelaideNow... Rann: Salvos lied: "Mr Rann said he would contact Mr Colson later to obtain the name of the public servant so he could have the claim investigated."

Oooh...oooh!...but at least by the end of the article it looks like reason prevailed. It is so important to respect and honour people and my first instinct is to think the Salvation Army need to be spoken to and now they are. I hope they are not having a funding cut. They have been working really hard on our behalf and they are one organisation which deserves a great deal of respect. Mr. Rann also works hard on our behalf so it's difficult to believe it got to this stage before a sensible road forward could be seen. I hope there are no funding cuts. The Salvation Army has done so much to help others but it has also done so much to help itself too and provide ways and means of sustaining itself in a very business driven, materialistic world. They need to be supported in this venture because they have become very successful in transforming themselves into what only can be called a charitable business model which is essential for survival in today's economic market.

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