Monday, July 09, 2007

AdelaideNow... Death of the happy hermit

AdelaideNow... Death of the happy hermit: "To kind-hearted acquaintances he was simply 'Little Joe' – the hermit who lived at pole 251 on Highway One, 30km west of Port Augusta."

Nigel Hunt has written a remarkable piece in tribute to 85 year old Joe Sutton of Pole 251 just outside Port Augusta. In its simplicity it unfolds the life and lifestyle of this very special man whom none of us would know here were it not for Nigel Hunt. Joe Sutton was registered for a pension just before he died in the aged care facility as Kimba. He had lived without money or means but was obviously an incredibly resourceful, happy man who could share that happiness from his tarpaulin home. It's good to know about people like this who can lead happy, unostentatious lives but still create and encourage a feeling of community. It's also important to know again that money cannot buy happiness nor love. Clearly this man was loved. People are everything.

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