Thursday, June 28, 2007

We're old and poor

AdelaideNow... We're old and poor: "SOUTH Australians are older and earn less than the rest of the nation, the 15th annual Census shows."
Really? The census also tells us we are less religious and more multicultural, but do you know what? It doesn't describe South Australia and its people at all. We are quite a happy lot. We are all sick at the moment with some stupid bug and our cultural mix and linguistic capacities are lending a depth and breadth to us which we savour and enjoy. We are easy going and quite laid back. We aren't actually older if you look at the average age of Australians. Thing is, age brings stability and wisdom! We've actually quietly forged ahead with a lot of ideas and initiatives and we are becoming less material and more community oriented. We have worked out that big houses and heaps of money were not making us happy and well. We weren't thriving. So we've pulled our heads in and we've started to become more sociable and friendly. We've gone back to our community ways. So we mix, match and share in all sorts of ways. The figures say nothing about quality of life and comfort. We've started to value who we are and the assets we have around us. We've become more nurturing. Measure that. We are appreciating life in the slow lane more and more but when we want to party we can bring down the house.

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