Sunday, June 24, 2007

Violence in NSW schools 'out of hand'

Violence in NSW schools 'out of hand' - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation): "'We've got in place a very costly, very resource-driven, sensible plan to make sure that children and young people that are suspended from school are put back in the mainstream only after they can deal with their fellow teachers and students in a safe way,' he said."
Principals and teachers should remain that. Violence should be dealt with by the police or security guards should be involved. Take teachers and Principals away form their job and education will be neglected as they try and become law enforcers. Besides, surely if these people had wanted to become police they would have done that and not become teachers and Principals? Our schools have to be made safe. If it is out of hand it is for law enforcers to do the job and the message needs to be made mighty clear. Parents don't send their kids to school so they can be subject to the violent behaviours of others. Not good enough. Just not good enough.

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