Thursday, June 21, 2007

Pupils' £2.4bn bill in revenge on teacher Pupils' £2.4bn bill in revenge on teacher: "The pair ordered the items under the name of their least favourite teacher and gave the school's address."

As I said, there don't seem to be any boundaries in the heads of kids. Even the German police are wondering why two students would exact such an outrageous revenge over bad grades. Major hissy fits. They are probably quite nice kids with a good track record. They probably do nice things most of the time and come from homes where they have been cared for. Parents, teachers and the police do not seem to be able to influence young kids at all. They are waterproof to common sense. They are oblivious to normal, social behaviour under some circumstances. The kids just wanted to get the teacher back. That's what they said. But , the thing is, kids seem to think they can do as they please to get their form of justice and the price others pay is of no relevance to them. It's about what they wanted to do. Then they think having said that it can all be forgotten and they can carry on...till next time they are disgruntled. It really is bizarre thinking and it really is important for us to understand what it is that develops the moral values of these kids because they are dangerous.

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