Saturday, June 30, 2007

Man jailed for injecting sons with drugs

AdelaideNow... Man jailed for injecting sons with drugs: "AN American man who injected his sons with heroin and cocaine so they would understand how he felt when he used drugs has been sentenced to 10 years' jail, Associated Press (AP) reported."

His sons were 12 and 16 and he had also injected his 18 year old daughter and had not been charged with that because of her age. Tends to suggest there was considerable force used. How many children that age would just sit there and take it? There were three of them. Did they alert each other? Were they together or separate at the time because it tends to suggest they kept incredibly silent about it. What made him think it would help in any way shape or form if his children felt how he felt? What was it that would make him think that would benefit them or him in any way? His thinking is obviously very irrational and it sounds like a FAS thought. There is no nurturing in him but he obviously needed to be understood by his children. I don't think gaol will help him. Someone needs to get inside his head and work that lot out. Someone also needs to look at the children because if they made no attempt to stop it there are another 3 addicts on the books.

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