Saturday, June 30, 2007

Green light for Adelaide water recycling projects

Green light for Adelaide water recycling projects : "'The project also includes an upgrade of the capacity on the Christies Beach Wastewater Treatment to provide Class A water for use in the viticulture industry and for community facilities,' he said.

'This additional water will be sourced from treated effluent that has historically been discharged into the Gulf St Vincent.'"

While they are busy haggling about which projects and how much money, let's keep our eye on the ball and just say...well done. At this stage moving forward is better than being at a stand still. We are in a prime wine growing state and we have to look after that industry. As South Australians we have also had some very intense conversations about using treated waste water to grow our crops and plants and flush our toilets. We shouldn't be using Murray Water for that. We can fit 14 and a half Frances into Australia , population of 61,167,000 million, we have a population of 21 million. We can become very dry and very hot, but we also get some huge deluges when we get them. We just need to think through this water management better. No one comes to Australia so they cannot flush a toilet or take a reasonable shower. We need to get our act together with water management, so argue as much as you like, put the pressure on. We are doing our bit at home and we can do more . Just give us the goods, the ideas and the services. We'll do the rest because we are very keen to be sensible and proactive!

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