Friday, June 22, 2007

Folate to be added to bread

AdelaideNow... Folate to be added to bread: "The Australian Food and Grocery Council said the health problems required a public health solution, not medication of the food supply."

Absolutely. It's about teaching people about nutrition. It's about highlighting problems and then getting information and remedies out to the general public. Folic acid can be sourced in a proper diet.Green leafy vegetables,milk,egg yolk, dry beans and peas, many other types of vegetables and fruits(oranges and orange, they are really hard to come by!)and beer are good sources of folate. It's no use giving people virtual reality. It deprives them of the real knowledge they need to manage their lives. Organic bread won't have folic acid added to it. It is so silly we cannot feed ourselves properly.

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