Thursday, June 28, 2007

9yo alleged car thief 'flouting the law'

9yo alleged car thief 'flouting the law' : "'When he was arrested on the June 16, he was croming at the time, smoking cigarettes, he had a bottle of bourbon with him, and he just told the police you can arrest me but you can't charge me because I'm under the age of 10."
Yes, yes he is flouting the law. But he is flouting life too. He is 9 years old addicted to drugs, alcohol,crime. He doesn't have a life and his life will probably be very short. Who are his parents and where are they? Who is his family? Who cares about him? He has all these massive problems and no, he doesn't care because he is right there on the edge and his is behaving in a very destructive manner. He is destroying himself and others. He is not living. No surviving. He is trying to destroy. He can't nurture because clearly, he hasn't been nurtured. He has no choices. No alternatives because he doesn't know where to find them. If he's a tough little cookie it's because he has to survive. So, he needs all the help he can get. He needs to be taken away and reprogrammed. Taught about the things other 9 year olds know about, but he has lost his innocence. Punishment will make him harder and he can already run rings around everyone including his "mates". He needs to be stopped and I guess cognitive restructuring and a lot of patience and care are on the cards.

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