Sunday, June 24, 2007

5km wheel rim chase

AdelaideNow... 5km wheel rim chase: "Sparks flew as the vehicle travelled from Lonsdale Rd, Lonsdale, to The Esplanade, Christies Beach, after it was driven through the police spike roadblock."
Kids seem to have fun when they thieve cars. They take someone else's car and just trash it. Going from Lonsdale to the Esplanade on rims is quite a run so the locals must have had fun listening to that lot. It was on the news along with another similar incident and all I can say it the police have a mountain of patience and were trying to keep the dazed and confused drivers warm. It has been freeeeeeezzzzzing while these kids have been amusing themselves at our expense and using up police time, but the police were inordinately patient and were trying to put blankets on the freezing kids before they did anything else.So, how do we get through to kids that what is ours is ours? If they want to be thrill seekers they need to do it differently.

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